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'54 Roadmaster not mine


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Wow this is a flip of Mr. Earl's car! The one he bought and sold to this guy. I don't know for sure, but it's black, it's for sale in Georgia and it's about one month after Lamar sold it. What a shame.

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Nahhh, that can't be the one I sold, the seller is claiming " Trunk and floors in good shape, very solid car"

Actually it is the car I sold and I don't mind saying the seller is badly misrepresenting the condition of it in the eBay description. As I more than clearly stated in my ads and to him before the sale, this is a borderline parts car and would require extensive floor and lower body panel replacement and total restoration. When I first talked to him I made the comment "I hope you like to weld" I was asking $1954.00 but after his being so emphatic that he planned to restore it, I let him have it for $1650.00.

I don't think he planned on flipping it when he bought it and has probably just realized he is in over his head. But I feel for the buyer if they think they are getting a "very solid car".

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Here are my personal questions to sellers:


1. Is the car licensed and insured now? No is the wrong answer.

2. How long have you owned the car? Less than 3 years, walk.

3. Have you done any major work on the car? "No, not a nickel. It's been a great car." Guess who gets to fix everything they didn't?

4. Could you toss me the keys and let me drive it around the block, if I was there? Stuttering not accepted.

I used a back door into Ebay to check out the bidder on that car. It turns out he is a mid-50's male with a short pony tail. He has a job as a TV personality at about $350,000 per year. He has a private "car shop" where he brings crews to film him having mock arguments with a son who plays moderately stupid and never meets his father's expectations. They locate celebrities and pay them to be chummy friends.

The Buick will be subjected to a lot of hand waving and eventually end up with an LS6 engine, as is the common recipe. The work will be done on an increasingly pressured schedule and finally be displayed with drum rolls and superlatives, much to the pleasure of executives from oil companies, headlight polishing pads, and, possibility, Emilia Earhart's grandson, Dale. Some inaccuracies may appear, but a good time will be had by all and sponsors will approve.

Or you can watch reruns of old TV shows on Memorable Entertainment TV, but the shows are kind of predictable.


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