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Stutz parts to id

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Hi all , my name is David i am new here my main interest is ww2 aircraft/jeeps/tanks etc in my travels i come across some vintage car wrecks etc .

I picked up a group of parts that were i told from a couple of Stutz cars , can anyone here id them and what model year.

Sadly much was dumped before i was got to these including a straight 8 block and crank.

Parts were found in Victoria Australia

cheers dave





















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Your parts look to be vertical 8 1926- 30 or so. {as would have been the 8 cyl block. } Always lots of demand for the Buffalo wire wheel hubs and center nuts, as well as the wrench for the nuts. A lot of the wheel parts fit other cars as well as Stutz , so there are many potential buyers. The engine parts will be for Vert. 8 Stutz only, but there is lots of interest in these engines. Pity about the block and crank , if they were useable they are quite pricy and sought after.

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Dave, you have a combination of parts from different models across the 1920s, pre 1924, 1926-8 AA and BB ohc 8 cylinder, 1929 M eries or 1929 L series which either had a similar OHC 6 or a side valve Continental 8 cylinder. Only person I can think of in the past who had and junked something like 20 cars or mixed parts from different cars into one. This was before my involvement, but I know the name Hans Pendabbing (if spelled phonetically), in the Melbourne suburb of Ringwood. There was also a motor wrecker in Fitzroy prior to the sixties sometime who styled himself as the Stutz wrecker. One of my friends with an L6 roadster as his everyday wheels. In discussion of the price of a complete spare engine, he was invited to make an offer. Mr Muldoon was so offended in about 1960 by an offer of 90 pounds, when complete cars would change hands for between 10 and 45 pounds. For example, my LeBaron custom bodied sedan cost me twelve pounds and ten shillings in about 1962 when the previous owner pulled much of the white rot of the body frame apart in a diligent effort to discover that restoration of it was beyond him. Not quite 20 years ago I met Rex Muldoon, Mr Muldoon's son who deals in imported used parts from Japan. He told me that his father ordered him to break up all his Stutz engines with a sledge hammer because it was obvious nobody was going to offer "sensible" money for them!!! We never knew there was a DV32 here, but that was broken up. I would love to have camshafts and manifolds now for mine. I was able to tell Rex the other half of the storey that he did not know. I have a few odds and ends of war stuff that were separated when I sold most of what I had to a scammer. There is a new Stuart final drive, some other herringbone final drive gears, maybe w670 barrels and pistons, and some books. A bit of other odd stuff. We never had jeeps, but I found a new front spring main leaf recently, and there could possibly be a pair of them. If you send me your phone number by private message I can ring you to give you more details. Some of the stuff you show is probably not Stutz at all. I can use some of what you have, and probably give other, to people in need if we can make an amicable trade without money involved.

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