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Marty Roth

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We are on the Glidden Tour in Chattanooga, and I left the service manual at home.

Can you please post, or Email to me,

The procedure for adjusting brakes on my 1930 Packard 733

Thank You

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Remember, when a Bugatti customer complained to Ettore that the brakes on the car weren't very good, Ettore responded "SIR, we make our cars to GO, not STOP......."

Mechanical brakes can be tricky to adjust, and Ed in Mass can tell us that you really need to have the shoes ground to match the drums, for them to really work well....

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Thanks to all who responded !!

....and especially to Dwight Romberger !!!

We were back on the road by 9:30 AM today, and the Packard is performing beautifully...

....important because tomorrow will have even more, and steeper hills, and more miles

Our FORUM is great because of the many generous members who make it great !!!



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