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Full Classic's Photos - When they were New & Used.


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The cute blonde with the Cadillac town car is Anita Paige. She was big in silents and in early talkies. She quit the movies some time in the early thirties and did not reappear as an actress until she was quite elderly.

The fellow with the Mercedes is Al Jolson. I believe that that car might still exist somewhere.

Anita said that she gave up acting because Irving Thalberg, the production head of MGM, was constantly pressuring her to sleep with him. He died in 1937. She started acting again in the eighties. I guess she wanted to be really, really, sure he was dead!

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It was sold August 2010 for $115,000 (one hundred fifteen thousand). Five blocks west of Woodward, just south of Woodlawn Cemetery.

Cool, that's it! Looks pretty good and seems like a bargain, although there is probably no shortage of bargains in Detroit these days...

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