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I have just recently acquired a 1980 Mercedes-benz 450SL Hardtop Convertible. I have a few questions, but first, about this car:


  • Hardtop/Soft top Convertible
  • Kept in INCREDIBLE condition. Runs great, starts fine, beautiful look and feel, interior and exterior well kept, drives as smooth as can be.
  • Current Tags/Registration.
  • Original Handbook/Manual AND Chilton Book, Key(with spare), etc...
  • NEW tires, shocks, etc...
  • NO rust or anything like that. Excellent condition.

Earlier this year it passed SMOG, but just today they said it couldn't pass SMOG because it was running "too rich". They think it is probably just spark plugs, or some minor things(sorry, I don't know much about cars). So, I don't know what to do to fix it. Have you any suggestions?

HERE'S THE TRUTH! This is an amazing car, but I can't afford to keep it, I'm 22 years old and need a fuel efficient car. I'm looking for someone who is willing to either trade me a very fuel efficient car for this beautiful vehicle, or willing to buy this car for $4,000. I know this car is worth it, but I also put the $4,000 because I REALLY need to get a fuel-efficient car. I'd be willing to work out for BEST OFFER as well, because the car is amazing, but I need help, I really do.

Thank you so much for your time!

Any and all inquires, or people willing to help me get this car to pass SMOG/SOLD feel free to email me: robertbiehn@hotmail.com or call me ANYTIME at 1-760-223-1613

Very much appreciated!

Sincerely & respectfully,

~Robert Biehn




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