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Master cylinder wanted, 31-34 plymouth, dodge, chrysler

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Guys, I am searching for a nos master cylinder, a 31-34 plymouth, dodge or Chrysler unit or a used one which is not frozen to the point that a person can not get the plunger assembly out. It is the triangular 3 bolt pattern, not the square 4 bolt pattern. To my best knowledge, it was shared between the mopar brands? Thanks, John, Please email me at; motorcarinvestments@gmail.com or feel free to call; 217-734-9400. If I do not pick up, please leave a phone number as I do not have caller ID !!

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idrjoe_sandiego & jpage,

Guys, thank you for the heads up on aftermarket master cylinders.

The only problem with the new master cylinders, is that they do not have the proper original sand cast names and marks.

Would love to buy one if they were correct, would save me a ton of money and aggravation.

This particular special car in time, will grace the lawns of Invitationals, every small detail will be scrutinized, and points deducted.

Please understand, that after 24 years of archival research, and with the help of many, including auto scholars and historians, this truly is the first futuristic exotic supercar ever built in the world.

As further example, I even had to find the first S/W 6 volt, cast iron, pos ground electric fuel pump, which I did.

Now lets jump over to the fwd halfshaft which spicer-dana made>> which the company has records of being their first>> then onto DuPonts first ever "chrome Metallica" paint they ever made, which is what graced the streamlined body of the 1935 Harris fwd Speedster. The paint code for the paint, is actually the patent formula of DuPonts Duco Lacquer metallic paint.

Radiator, well it is the first horizontal one made for a street car, as the main body of the engine bay is only 28 inches, and the highest point on this special automobile is 43 inches high, which is the speedsters 1st aero dynamic shoulder and head streamlining on a exotic supercar>> there goes 4- 5K for a radiator>> gasp !!!

BTW; a Ford GT-40, is 40 inches high, that is where the name came from !!

These are but a few tid-bits of the heart ache's I am going through, it has 15 firsts in automobile innovations, most of which are still present in brand new automobiles and exotics !!!!

So, as you can hopefully see, archival work and getting it right is a must on this particular automobile, even down to the original sand cast script master cylinder.

Do wish to thank both of you guys again, surely someone has an original which I can buy and then send out to be re-sleeved.

Warm regards,


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Thank you so much sir.

Been on and off in archival work with the Speedster since 1987.

Been fortunate that the historians and scholars have helped, they themselves dug out roughly 1/3 of what has been accumulated.

The problem there, is that each time new material comes along, there is usually numerous race tracks, known race drivers and known designers mentioned.

Been over whelmed many times.

Believe it or not, the story at Autopuzzles has about 1/5th of the information, pics and docs which have surfaced.

Thank you again Bob, do truly appreciate the thumbs up !!!!!



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Thank you for the pics.

Picture # 1, from left to right, the first three, ending with the one which is glass beaded or painted silver.

If they have the 1 1/4 bore, and are the 3 hole triangular base bolt pattern, that is a Bingo Bob.

If you can email me back at motorcarinvestments@gmail.com I can send you over pictures of the one on the speedster !!!

It is badly pitted, can't read anything on it, just know that it was early Mopar, I am guessing Lockheed?

Mine has the hole blocked off in the front, bottom cyl hole feeds the brakes, top hole is the brake switch for the stop lights.

Thank you Bob


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