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82 antenna bracket

Walt S

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Recently I had to replace the rusted front right inner fender on my 82 convertible. When I removed the escutchon nut which attaches the

antenna mast to the top if the fender, the entire antenna fell down. There was no bracket holding the antenna to the inner fender. The replacement fender did not include a bracket, in fact there was not even a hole on the replacement where a bracket could be mounted. I have the chassis manual and a Review article on antenna replacement showing where the bracket should be, and I can determine where the hole should be using the old fender as a guide, however I do not have the bracket itself. No salvage yards around have any of these cars. Does anyone have an antenna bracket to sell me or a detailed picture with dimensions so I could have one made?



ROA 7252

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Contact Nathaniel on here he has some power antenna pictures. They don't actually have a bracket but there is a part of the antenna body that maybe extends out a little. There is a screw in the door jam that anchors the antenna. Look around in the section where I repaired my power antenna on this link and there are a few pictures you can see inside the fender. One shows the aftermarket bracket with the screw going through the same hole I'm referring to. Restoring Rivieras | Just another WordPress.com weblog

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I've found the bracket, but I can't figure out how the bracket mounts to the antenna. I have the Chassis Service Manual and a tech article on antenna replacement from the ROA site. The holes in the inner fender don't line up like the illustrations in the articles show. I need a good picture of how it should be. I have a tri-band antenna (AM/FM/CB). Is it different than a regular antenna?

Thanks, Walt

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