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'29 DA hub nut size plus trunk question.


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Just a quick one re the hub nut - I need to make up a spanner to remove the hub nut on my DA, does anyone know what size this should be as I don't have a vernier to hand? The other query is tricky one, someone has a storage trunk for sale (that goes on the luggage rack at the back) and I was trying to check out if it was the right one for a 28-29 car....BUT of course doing a google search on 'Dodge trunk' only brings me up info on the "boot" of the vehicle!! So, my friends over the ditch, what should I call this item? And does anyone have any pictures of a Dodge storage 'trunk'?

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As far as I know Dodge only offered a metal storage trunk, I do not believe you could have had the car delivered with a cloth covered version by this time. Different styles/shape trunks for different bodystyles. I can provide detailed pictures of my own for my own bodystyle but can only at best provide random pictures of the racks that would have been fitted to sedans.

Are you needing the axle nut size?

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Hi Jason, Yes this is a metal storage trunk. If you can post a picture or two that would be great. I have a rack, which is probably not a genuine one, but I'd still be interested in getting this trunk if it's correct. This is the nut or cap...


I am having photo problems, send me an e-mail at jhason2@yahoo.com and I will e-mail them.

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