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wanted help Continental Vinyl top

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I am working on a 1946 Lincoln Continental that build sheet says it had a vinyl top installed at the factory. Does anyone have any photos or leads on this. I joined LCOC in 1959 and there was talk of a few of these being built but I never saw any photos.

The 1941 Woolworth car( (1941 Continental coupe) was in the 1959 National meet at Dearborn. Any photos or ideas?

Lee Waldren


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Does your car have a steel top? I have a 1941 Lincoln Continental steel top coupe that we installed a vinyl top over the steel top in the 80s. I have been advised that Lincoln sent several cars out to coach builders to have vinyl tops installed over the steel top. (Have no written confirmation of this) I have a calendar picture of one of these. There was a retired Doctor Geiger in Coral Gables,

Florida that had one, and I took a lot of pictures and improved on the installation.

Bruce Nussman

Jacksonville, Fl

904 744 0670

bruceandpeggy@bellsouth.net PS I tried to send you a similar reply a few minutes, but do not think it went thru

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