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Top Installation - 1932 Pontiac Sport Coupe

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I am installing the top on my 1932 Pontiac Sport Coupe. I am using a kit from the Filling Station for Fisher bodies. The kit recommends using a sound/heat barrier which sounds like a good idea. They also recommend using a burlap material above the wood slats. They also did not provide any information on the type of tacks used to put the top material on.

So, my questions are:

1) Has anybody used this kit on their early Pontiac?

2) Have you used a heat barrier and if so, where did you purchase?

3) Where did you purchase the burlap material?

4) Do you have any information on sizes and sources of the tacks used to put the top down?

Any help will be appreciated.



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There's really no need to put any special material in an insert top, the regular stuff will provide sufficient insulation.

On the wooden slats, originally, was probably chicken wire as a support for top material. Burlap would do as a substitute, you can get it at a fabric store, here we have JoAnn's which carries it. Attach it inside the metal, directly to the wood frame.

Next would come a layer of cotton batting, you don't want it too thick, just enough to level off the top so that it doesn't hold any water. Then, the cover fabric. This is best installed outside on a sunny day, to make it stretch well.

The holes in the metal should be oval shaped, use one end of oval for tacking material, then when you put final trim piece on border the other end of oval is available.

If you wood is good a #3 tack should work, go longer if wood is recessed to far.

Tack front and back middle, stretching in the sun. Then tack middle sides, and work toward corners.

Seal edges with black sealant.

Not a difficult job, best of luck, nice car!

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