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1888 Car


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Oh i know they exist but are very very rare. Here is a link to a running one:

. Though i don't know enough to say that that one is for sure an 1888. I have seen plenty of books that talk about old cars (one even back to the 1860s). And you are right about it being even harder to find one in the US. Like i said "a long shot".
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Three Ropers exist,,,1869 2wheeler,,1863 bugggy,,1895 bicycle

Richard Dudgeon 1866 road locomotive,,at one time at Anderson Museum


Many early power wagons were built,,,,Long long forgotten

as,,,Ed Field Lewiston Me,1887,,Richard Rice Agusta Me,1859 ,

Cant recall the name,Danvers Ma,4wheel drive steamer,,1795 was patented,not

sure if it got built,,,It took 100years for the steam wagon to become popular

The early Daimler was burned in that awful fire that also burned the racing team of

90Hp car,,in 1904,,,

I think some of the Bollee wagons survived,,the one that ran Paris-Bordeau,,

in 1895,,,when it was about 18years old,,Bollee invented the VINTAGE CLASS,,,Haa,,

it wa the oldest car to run that race,,around 700 miles on iron tyres ,,


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Maybe you can find Oliver Evans' 1805 Amphibolo Oruchter in the Schuylkill River in Philadelphia

It might be easier to find it in that river than to find it on Google. Nothing comes up about it. You've now sparked my interest in this obscure creation.

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A book was written putting together his notes on the automatic griss mill,,

with comments about the Brandywine Md millers were not impressed to see a mill operating with no personel present !!! and called it a bunch of rattletraps,,,Book prior to 1834 I think,,,

And dont forget Morley's terpintine engine,,Haha,,,Ben

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