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Sputtering, stalling problem persists. The picture's worth a LOT of words.........


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What is ED04 reading when this happens ? I'd start by checking the wiring to the coolant sensor under the throttle body but if the engine "thinks" it is overheating it will take measures.

ps my notes say that 3 bars over center is about 221F. (One bar 210, two bars 217F).

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How long has the engine been running when you touch the radiator cap? If more than 10-15 minutes, could beair in the cooling system. Major concern is that the radiator cap is not hot. So is the coolant circulating thru the radiator? Or is coolant level so low that the cap is not hot and air pockets in cooling system causing hot and cool cycles that the computer is trying to compensate for? If upper radiator hose is rock hard during the 'hot' cycle, the I suspect air in the system.

Really dumb question is has this been going on since the engine has been rebuilt? If so is the themostat in upside down?

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