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Mice in a rust-free closed car - Questions

Guest Dan Gibbs

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Guest Dan Gibbs

Hey all :)

As you know, I just got an 88 Reatta that is very clean and rust-free - I say rust free as as a generality as there are no holes in the body from corrosion. When I was at the previous owner's place to look at the car, it was obvious by the interior smell that mice HAD been inside of the car. Last Sunday I saw with my own eyes that there were STILL mice in the car - darnit!

I took out all of the carpet and padding in the trunk and also removed all of the panels, padding, and storage-well in the area behind the front seats.

Since I don't like to kill anything that isn't necessary for my survival or that won't destroy my house, I decided to get live-trap mouse traps. I found them at Home Depot for 3.99 apiece and got a jar of peanut butter from Meijer's. Harry Yarnell also made a good point of not using poison traps in the car as they will die in places you can't get to and stink even worse when they die.

I'm guessing mice feed at night as I found a fat brown one in a trap the next morning. I gave him a simulated trebuchet-ride and he frisbee'd across a large flood-drainage ditch into the cornfield at the back of my property. I think there's at least another mouse in the car as I saw GREY fur on Sunday.

Anyway, the main question for the experts is:

Where the heck do they get into a closed Reatta? Is there a spot somewhere on the firewall where they can sneak-n-shimmy in? The doors and trunk all seal great. The air vent on the cowl looks screened well so who has the answer? I did a lot of 60's GM car street-restoring back in the late-80's and there was never any holes in the firewall nor anywhere else I can think of where critters could sneak in to the cabin on a solid car.

I'm off to check the traps this morning...

Thanks in advance,

Dan Gibbs :)

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Guest my3buicks

I once watched a video of a mouse squeezing through a skeleton key keyhole in a door. So, it doesn't take much f a void for them to get in.

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I'd also suggest checking any air conditioning hoses, air circulating not pressurized, as Dad had a 1986 Westfalia Camper for years and one spring turned on the heat and boy it wasn't pleasant! The beggars had chewed a hole on the underside, climbed in and nested there under the dash. Fortunately they did not go further into the cabin area or cupboards so no further damage but.... both air vent hoses had to be replaced before the odor started to disappear. Good luck and happy hunting.

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