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31 Lincoln K - fluids to use


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I recently acquired a 31 Lincoln K (V8) and would like to know what the community uses in cars of this vintage. For your info, I used to own a 39 Buick Limited and they recommended

SAE 20 for the engine oil

SAE 140 for the transmission

SAE 85W90 gear oil for the rear end

My Lincoln owners' manual says

SAE 40 for the engine oil

SAE 250 for the transmission and rear end

The transmission is a free-wheeling but (I am told ) non-synchronized transmission. The engine was rebuilt some time within the last 10-15 years I believe.

What do you guys use in your cars?


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Bill, Suggest using a non-detergent oil for the crankcase, 40 or 50 weight. The fork & blade rod arrangement will necessitate a slightly heavier oil given the multiple mating surfaces. Search for Classic Oil that has the zinc lubricant. Sold by the case, think the vendor is in Ill or Indiana. Trans and rear end can use 600 W steam oil. Its called steam oil, but its viscosity is about 190 or so when compared to normal/modern lubes. Mobil sells it in a 5 gallon pail. Steam oil is can be ordered through your local home heating oil company or Grainger. Use a grease gun size syringe available from NAPA or maybe even Grainger. Google searches may yield other vendors close to you there in Texas.

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