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1941 Hup Skylark one of 354


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I attended a car show today in Windsor, Colo. and was taken in by this car shown there by a local 81 year old fellow was the third owner after his brother passed away in the early 1960s. He then restored the Hup. Only 354 Skylarks were made and only 26 are known to exist today. The car won first place in the "Open Class". I thought some of you Hup guys would enjoy seeing this rare car. I'm interested in Hups as my Grandad had a 29 Century and mentioned several stories about the car and said it was the best car he ever owned.








Hope you enjoy seeing this car as much as I did.


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The shifter is on the column and probably used a 1838 Model engine and transmission which will bolt in nicely and possibly had an overdrive. The hubcaps and skinny whites are not original along with the Dash insert which is machine turned and the fabric for the seats and door panels is incorrect. It is very hard to get a Skylark back to original condition which makes them candidates for street mods. W/S wiper knobs look to be Ford of the 30s and 40s. Sorry to be so critical.

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