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What is the GVW for a 29 and 34 DB truck?


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Guest DodgeKCL

A 1935 KCL 1/2 ton "Commercial Car" chassis tag reads 4000 GVW. I would guess 1933 HC and 1934 KC would be the same. I don't know if my long wheelbase chassis would be more or not. I doubt it.

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I was wondering if any1 knew where the Id tag should be located on a 29 and 34 dodge truck and what the GVW should be or have a picture of 1 thanks. BH

For the 29 the ID plate is located on the passenger side of the toe board. These usually were destroyed by rust. Mine showed Wheelbase, frame # and model name but is not useable.

There is a plate on the dash on the pass side on the 29.


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