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How does this gas cap come apart?

Dwight Romberger

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Unless there is a snap ring on the inside of the cap by the lip, then it is machine folded and pressed on. Trying to get it off manually will mangle it for sure. A lathe in a machine shop may be able to cut the inner stuff off. Then you will have a $100 cap at least.

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You were right. It was pressed in there. A little pushing and pulling and judicious tapping and it came off.


I am trying to make two 3 1/2" matching caps that look like the originals. One for the radiator and one for the gas tank. I have an original one for the gas tank, but it needs to be rechromed. Too expensive right now.

These are new chrome. The pair will cost me about $80 plus a small amount of blood and band-aids.

Thanks again guys for your help.


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