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Trying to identify this windshield. My Mom was going to throw in the dumpster but I would not let her do it. Looks like a piece of history. Also looks original and has all the hardware. Some thought it may be 20's era Buick or Dodge. It is about 19 inches high, 39.25 inches across the windshield frame, 38.5 inches from center of mounting studs. Would love to find a home where it could be put to good use.post-96098-143142167661_thumb.jpg


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Looks like Buick , model 44 {roadster} or 45 {touring}. 1918 to 1920. Chevy of the same years is very similar but a bit smaller. Buick 1916 and 17 is very similar but stands straight up, yours looks like it leans back a little so 1918 - 20. Hope this helps Greg

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