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'55 Dynaflow fluid port size

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Hey all. Trying to get my '55 Century on the road. While looking things over I found that all of the heater lines had been cut and capped by some previous owner. Tracing those lines led me to learn about the "unusual" trans cooler on the '55, and came to realize that the cooler lines were also cut and capped. I can only guess that they would have done this if the cooler was leaking coolant into the transmission or trans fluid into the coolant. I've decided to run the transmission fluid up to a radiator-mounted cooler. I just need to know the fitting size of the oil ports on the side of the transmission (that would normally go to the trans-mounted cooler). Anybody know the fitting size? Thanks.

Sorry puritans, I realize this is a modification and it breaks your hearts, but I am a customizer and an engineer. I don't mind replacing original design with newer, better, more reliable, more efficient, or more convenient technology.

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I don't know the answer to your question, but would offer a suggestion based on my recent experience with my 1954 Buick Special. Sometimes you will find that a prior owner capped off a line, simply because it seemed easier to them than replacing a hose. You might want to try hooking up new hoses to replace the capped off hoses before you start re-engineering something. It might just be a quick cheap simple fix.

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