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EZ ON auto Tops


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EZ-ON is the supplier for most of the top "kits" sold by the bigger outfits. You call Kanter, they call EZ-ON and you get a top from them. You call Hirsch, you get an EZ-ON top. Lebaron-Bonney and Hampton Coach may do their own, but I don't know for certain.

I do have some experience with EZ-ON. We recently had a 1938 Packard convertible coupe on which we installed a new top. The trim shop ordered one from Kanter (who we discovered had it drop-shipped from EZ-ON) and it didn't fit. HOWEVER, the trim shop made marks on the top for where it needed to be modified, sent it back to EZ-ON, and they made a brand new top to the specs we needed for this particular car. Why the first one didn't fit, I can't say, but EZ-ON was more than happy to work with us to get one that did fit and sacrificed a brand new top to do it, no extra charge. The final product (admittedly installed by a pro trim shop) was downright beautiful and folded perfectly.

The kits are often only a starting point, but you need a good trimmer to make it fit right. In my experience, EZ-ON was very EZ to work with and even the trimmer was impressed by their cooperation.







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Cool story, and I agree most kits are just starting points.

A while back, a friend had a 1938 Packard Super 8 convertible coupe, and he needed a top. Since I planned to replace the one on mine, I told him send me his old top, I'd take mine off and make two.

Got his top and fit it to my car....wow...not even close, bows didn't line up and the back panel two inches different in height...

So making a "kit" for some of these cars is funny...

Kudos to the company for standing behind product and modifying top to fit....

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I installed quite a few tops for cars in the '60s and '70s. Most were EZ ON. They always seemed to fit. John

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