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55 century power brakes?


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Hi all, a question about power brakes. My last 55 Century had the"treadle vac" style of booster under the floor, and my current 55 century(barn find, not driven since 71) has a standard master cylinder under the floor with a line that runs up to some sort of unit under the left hood hinge then on to the wheels. This unit has a vacuum line that runs to the vacuum side of the fuel pump. Any idea what this is? It has a bleeder valve on it. Rich

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Well I found out that it is an over the counter power brake add on done in the 50s by the original owner because he was towing a trailer. Looks like it sez bendix on it and draws it's vacuum from a 'T' into the dual action fuel pump. Currently I am rebuilding the MC and should have it going by this weekend. Rich

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