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Fisher Data Plate Codes for 1964 Olds Cutlass Holiday Coupe


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Just trying to help a friend out here. He recently purchased a Jade Mist 1964 Olds Cutlass Holiday Coupe, with a dark green interior.

He found a slip of paper in the springs of the rear seat, that had a bunch of codes on it. I had a similar experience last spring in finding a slip of paper underneath the hinge flap behind the back seat of my '62 Dynamic 88 wagon, and it matched up to the options listed on the Fisher Body Plate under the hood.

My friend did note that the "3237" is the code for the Cutlass Holiday Coupe; here's the rest of the codes as he as transcribed them and sent to me:




Again, I am only cutting and pasting these codes exactly as how they were sent to me; do not know if the hyphens are supposed to be in there or not.

Will try to find out more...



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