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1956 Lincoln Premiere Convertible $ 40,000

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For Sale is car number #311. It is finished in aTurquoise blue has had a recent cosmetic restoration with new paint changingthe car from its original Desert Buff paint. The restoration was 90% completebefore funds dried up by the previous owner.<o:p></o>

Based on the build plate in the door jam,the plate shows the following build code: BY76B 25-630-B23-311

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- BY76B signifies that it is a 1956 Lincoln Premiere convertible

-25 isDesert Buff paint code

-630 isthe trim code for Starmist White and Desert Buff Leather

-B23 isthe month and day it was made – February 23

-311 isthe rotation number – this is the 311th Convertible of 2,447 made.

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My car is equipped with factory-correctdual spotlights/mirrors, fog lamps, continental kit, pinched-seam leatherupholstery, a factory radio, clean trunk, and new tires. The car has undergonethe beginnings of a refurbishment which was stopped after body work was doneand the car was painted, the engine was detailed & painted and the interiorof the car was re-done - the previous owner ran out of funds and the workstopped. I do not have the history of the car or what other work has been doneto it over the years.

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Looking at the car it is easy to see thatthe work done so far includes:

·New paint – includes all door jams, engine bay interiorand dash area. It was a professionally painted and looks good.

·New interior that matches the paint.

·Newly painted engine and engine bay - running in smoothcondition. I believe the engine was rebuilt and the valve covers are chrome.The engine bay is clean and there are no leaks.

·Clean chrome finish on air filter and housing.

·The car starts right up and idles smoothly (although loudas the exhaust has not been re-installed).

·The tires are new.

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Items that need finishing:

·Exhaust – the car does not have an exhaust at this time -available from Kanter (www.kanter.com)

·Trim – the interior trim around the dash and window andseveral pieces of the exterior trim around the windshield and lower sides ofthe vehicle are missing.

·Wind Shield will need to be replaced as it has crackswhich are too big to be filled.

·Brakes need bleeding and attention. The brakes will notstop the car at this time.

·Convertible top needs to be reassembled and installed.Most of the convertible top hardware is in the trunk disassembled – some of thehardware may be missing. A custom cover has been made to cover the space behindthe back seat and sides where the roof would normally fold down in to.

·Convertible canvas top can be purchased easily also fromKanter.

·There is a small blemish/cut on the rear quarter panelthat needs to be filled, it is about ½” long. There is no visible rust on orunder the car.

·The driver’s window and rear windows are missing – thepassenger window goes up and down.

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A video of the car running can be seenhere:

High-Def pictures of the vehicle can be found at this link: IMG_0586| Flickr - Photo Sharing!.

The odometer reads about 30,700 miles however the car is 57 years old and theymay not be accurate. <o:p></o>

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At auction these models, fully finished,typically bring in bids between $75K to $140K – I am asking $40,000.<o:p></o>

Several people have noted that the car doesnot have power windows or AC and that the side trim and rear fender skirts aremissing. I have a set of skirts from another Lincoln Premier which are includedand the missing “L” from the front hood. Some modifications and re-paint willhave to be done to make the other fender skirts fit and match. I do not haveany of the missing trim.<o:p></o>



















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Fine Lincoln! I believe that is the first Premiere I have seen from 1956, that was equipped with Continental kit. I have a project coupe, and it stretches to 18 feet long. Looks like with the Continental kit, that this one would be a 20 foot automobile! They did, thankfully, have a fairly tight turning circle.

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