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LaSalle body on a steam car chassis? - history desired.


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Back in 1999 - 2002 timeframe, I was at Hershey and spotted a white LaSalle that had been converted to steam power. I remember that it was missing a door.

My memory cells need a boost here - does anyone know of this setup?

It was on a trailer and had quite the network of plumbing under it....one of those times that a camera was not around.

I also remember it being advertised in the Old Cars Weekly publication for awhile,

I believe asking price was in the 15-18K range.


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Guest cben09

Seems to me the LaSalle was about a 29-???? D cowl phaeton

Maybee in one of Clymers books,,

T,Marshals car was a 41 Packard ,,,160 or 180,,,now disassembled,,

Talk to Tom for those detais,,,


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