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1929 Ford Model A Roadster Pickup

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We seem to be getting a lot of these lately and they don't last long in inventory. This one is a solid, clean, lightly used 1929 roadster pickup. It's (obviously) owned by a company that used it for promotions and parades, but little else, and that company was purchased by a larger company which no longer has need of the little Ford, so it's available. The restoration was probably done 10-15 years ago, but I don't think it's been driven much since then, but it has been in heated, protected storage all along. The restoration was not done to show standards, but it's a good driver-grade freshening that looks appropriate on the old truck. I like the wood stake sides that match the oak bed, and the lettering on the sides are decals, not painted, so you can take it off if you don't like how it looks (I do, but that's only because I like the functional look). There's a bit of orange peel in the paint that should be easy enough to buff out if you're so inclined, but it works quite well as-is and has no needs. There are two very minor dings in the passenger door, but they're not really noticeable unless you catch the light just right (they can be seen in one of the photos below), but I don't think they're worth chasing on this particular truck. The trim is bright and in good shape, and anything that was nickel is now chrome so it doesn't need a lot of maintenance or fussing.

The interior is bare-bones black leatherette, but that's how they were when new so it looks right today. The upholstery is in very good condition with almost zero wear, and there's a correct rubber mat on the floor. Door panels are simple and probably correct for 1929 pickups, and the hard rubber steering wheel is excellent. For some reason, the steering column is red oxide primer, not painted, but otherwise it's quite correct inside. All the gauges and lights work save for the odometer, so I can't confirm mileage, and the gauge panel could do with a quick polish that maybe I'll do myself in the next few days. The top is a Lebaron-Bonney aftermarket folding unit that makes the roadster pickup truly usable, and it's what most guys expect when they buy a roadster pickup anyway (the originals were lift-off tops, oddly enough).

The engine runs well thanks to a new Zenith carburetor (the photos show a Tollitson unit, but it has been replaced) and fresh exhaust manifolds that we just installed. It starts easily on the original 6-volt system and chugs along like any Model A. I like the peppy feel of the roadster pickup in particular, and this one feels like it can cut and thrust through traffic with ease. Brakes are firm, shifting is easy with a quick double-clutch, and, well, if you've driven a Model A, you already know how this one runs and drives. It doesn't feel sloppy like many amateurishly done cars, but tracks well and just goes about its business without a lot of fuss. The tires are 21-inch blackwalls, which look right on the basic Model A pickup, and they are in good shape with a lot of life left in them.

A good, usable little trucklet that's ready to enjoy without any fussing. Not a show-winner, but just inexpensive fun. Asking $22,900 and we're always open to offers. Thanks for reading!

NOTE: This truck is sold on a New Hampshire registration and bill of sale, since NH does not issue titles. The registration is current, so there are no problems titling and registering this truck in all 50 states. Truck is located in our facility in Cleveland, OH.













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