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WTB 33-34 Chrysler Imperial Headlights


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Hello does anyone have one or both of these headlights? They have a split curved lens I guess is how I can describe them. They are large in diameter also Thank you


I have some extra headlights and lenses for the 1934 chrysler. If I'm thinking what you want there's a right and left lense and

either ribbed or smooth surface. From other individuals the ribbed are for the 1933 and the smooth is 1934 but each still fit in the

ring that attaches to the bucket. you can contact me at mmopar4evr@aol.com and I can send some pictures of what i have.

Some of the buckets need to be repaired while other just need rechroming.


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As you may or may not know the 33 Chrysler imperial headlights are bigger than that of the CO,CT,and CA models. The imperials produced in 34 were almost exclusively airflow models. There is one CQ, CL headlight that I am aware of on ebay by member hotrodcharlie, Chuck Mineo for $1500.


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