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Early Electric Klaxon horn question

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I have a couple of early Klaxon Electric horns. One has a serial number of 1781 with the second horn a serial of 93596. I also have a couple of early teens projects. I already plan to use the lower serial number on the older car but it would be nice if someone here has information that would suggest what years related to a certain serial number series. Does anyone have serial number information? I would also assume that this type Klaxon horn would not have been used a lot before 1911 or 1912? The horns all show a Patn. date of 1908. Also, does anyone have spare parts for these horns. I have a bad vibrating plate in one horn.


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I have responded to your email as well, but I'll put my thoughts on here as well. That to me looks like an industrial signal/warning style horn. Is there any "Type" listed, like maybe a "W", "WL" or "WS". I don't recall seeing any automotive horns like that in the past and when I went to the Klaxon horn manual it matches up pretty close to the industrial types. I could be way off, but that's my opinion. As for the diaphragm, I'd need to see it and possibly match it up. I won't be able to supply it based on the picture, even if you find the type.


Edited: Actually if I would read all the way on to the next page, those industrial horns are listed for automotive use as well and it shows different mounting brackets available also.

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This is the horn I am working on and would like information relating to the serial number and use per year? Does that information exist? I have tried several sources to no avail. This horn has a serial number of: 93956


This is very much a brass era automotive horn. If you Google images "Klaxon 20" you will find many pictures of this car horn. Howard Dennis



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Lighting kits were available before starters [electric],,

Short bell Rolls,,3bolt holes

Short bell taper mounting hole,,Locomobile,,

I think the electric kits started around 1908,,but are RARE,Sort of like a working AIR STARTER

Has anyone seen a Saurier air start,,earlier as 1905 I think,,Hi end stuff to die for,,Good subject for a fun research project


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