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I lost a part during restoration. I need a instrument bracket for a 1950 Chrysler Saratoga. P/N 1256244. It would be the same for a New Yorker (C-49) or even a C-48 Windsor, maybe others too. I think it was about 8"X1". I holds some electrical stuff on it. We, have a deadline of September 3rd. for a car show. I'm sure aliens came for it at night. Good thing they did'nt get the TV. Thanks Another Ratman

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Hello, Bowman,

Good to see you are still cooking on the front burner! I have seen some pics of your beautiful Saratoga on the net == great job! Those that say this car is low end Chrysler are out of their minds. They obviously have never been in one, or seen the interior trim. Did I have any brackets among the stuff, of which I sent pics? I was thinking there was an odd piece or two. Do you still have the pictures. Of course, I can look once more, too. If you have the pics still, take a look and let me know.

Best Wishes,


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