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64 Buick Wildcat

Guest Immenso64

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Guest Immenso64

Hello everyone, I have never owned a Buick, I had work on 67 Morris Minor Traveller, 66 Mustang and some old Chevys.

These will be my first Buick

I'm looking at these 1964 Wildcat all original with about 60K miles on the cluster, interior and exterior are original, it shows some wear on the driver side but overall, the condition looks goon.

However when I went to test drive the car, it was storaged for 10 years, the person who owns it somehow got it running an did not change any fluids before starting the car. The harmonic balancer moves when the car is running, stop and idling, it kind of looks like if it was bend.

The car starts right up, everything seems to work, except for the AC condenser is locked it won't turn.

However my question for the members is, when I try to test drive the car, I put it on Drive and I had to push the gas pedal for the at to move, it won't move without pushing the gas pedal and it was kind of hard to push. And once the car started rolling the whole engine shakes the minute the car rolls the same is for reverse, if I stop the car runs fine.

I took it on the street and it just keep on shaking, no power it fell almost like the engine was going to fell apart.

I turn around and told the owner the car won't run properly and that something was wrong with the engine,

No smoke came off the back or anywhere in the engine area.

He call me later to tell me that it was the harmonic balancer that was bad and it was making the car shake .

Would these piece make the car shake that much to the point it cannot be driven? Will it make it loose power while driving down the street at slow speeds?

I really like the car, is a four door, 401 engine and two speed transmission?

How hard it is to work on these cars? Can information be found on the web for electrical or mechanical problems?

I will like to hear opinions about these car since I cannot find much on the web, very little information I foun so far for these model.

I found a lot of pictures about the two doors and the convertibles, but hardly any for the 4 four doors.

Thank you for the help,

I'm located in Los Angeles CA

Car has no rust. Original black plates.

And I will be doing all the work myself even do I'm not a mechanic I like to work on these cars myself so I can learn and understand how they work.

Once again thank you

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I am no authority, but the whole reason for a harmonic balancer is to eliminate internal engine vibration. Assuming it is bad, the engine would indeed shake. Seems to me it would shake itself apart?

If the engine continues to run, albeit poorly, under load, I would suspect more being wrong than just the harmonic balancer.

As the seller to repair/replace the harmonic balancer and then test drive it again.

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Guest Immenso64

I asked the parts house and they told me that yes, it will make the engine shake. Seller ha taken te part off and cannot get e replacement for it, I was able to locate a rebuild part for $300.00 dls. I asked the seller to pay for the part I would installed it. I'm still waiting for his answer.

Thank you for the reply

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Most engines are designed and manufactured to be either internally balanced or externally balanced. Internal balancing allows the damper and flywheel to be neutral and does not affect the balance of the engine. Externally balanced engines require additional weight to be added to one or both to counter the imbalance of the engine internal, crank and rods, etc. If the engine is externally balanced, the damper will be obviously heavy on one side and the weight is maintained in that position by being keyed to the crankshaft for balance. If the flexplate is used for balancing, it will be designed for one position mounting.

A vibration damper or harmonic balancer is commonly built with inner and outer members bonded together with rubber. The primary and most critical purpose is to control torsionals (twisting) in the crankshaft to prevent breakage. Some dampers are fluid fillled with an internal weight sandwiched between teflon belts at close tolerances. The heavy viscous fluid controls the rate of slippage between the memberts and also acts as a lubricant.

The engine shake could just as likely be an engine miss, bad plugs or wire, etc. A good mechanic can throttle the engine out of gear and tell if it is missing. You can feel it in the body and watch the engine quiver. You can also hear it in the exhaust.

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Guest Immenso64

I'm not familiar with the Buick mechanics, but I did saw the harmonic balancer vibrating when the car was on, and the engine did shake a bit, that was the first thing I notice when I was checking the engine bay, I did search on line but nothing come up for the 64 wildcat.

So my last resort was to join these forum in hopes of getting some help.

I think so far I'm getting helpful information,

I wish someone will let me know if these 64 wildcat be worth the money and the restoration.

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Guest Immenso64

That's it? That's seems to be too low for a 64, but I guess since is a four door, is not that desirable ?

So is not worth the time and effort and the money.

Unless someone has a different opinion? These car is all original, paint, interior, wheels, I would think is worth a little bit more?

What a disappointment.

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Guest Immenso64

Thank you for all the information everyone, I have decide not to get these car after all. Even do I did like the car I did not like the resale value,

I'm gonna keep looking for something else that holds a better resale value, that is worth of my ime and money.

Once again thank you for the time and the help

Best regards to all

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Guest Immenso64

I always make money on old cars, I have work on British cars, American cars. I just have never deal with Buick's, specially these model the Wildcat.

I think is the model of the car that makes these especific car too low on resale value.

Is a nice car, but I'm not looking to keep it for me. I wanted to sell it quick.

I know some people have some sentimental value on some of their restoration cars. And I understand that

You cannot put a money value on something like that, I'm just trying to make money.

I hope I don't make some people mad for posting these.

I'm not a dealer either, just an average middle age American man trying to survive like everyone else.

Thank all for the help.

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