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Buick Road Wheel Tire Acceptability Question

Guest BJM

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I have 4 factory 15 x 6 Buick road wheels for the 1970 Wildcat. I have not fitted them to make sure they are OK, but I believe they are. 15 x 7 ' s are hard to locate and usually expensive. I should be OK with "70 series" tires but would like to mount "60 series" tires for added tire width. Has anyone done this to their car or should I just run 70 series?

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(IF there were some chrome 15x7 Buick road wheels on later Buicks, I would have had some by now . . .)

There WERE a good number of B-platform Buick wagons which had 15x7 aluminum wheels on them from the factory, in the "square-body" pre-Roadmaster (last gen) Buick B-car era. Wouldn't be corect for a '68 Wildcat, though, if that's important.

All things considered, about the widest tire I would consider for a 15x6 wheel is a P225/75R-15 size for that car. As MANY non-repro tires in that size are NOW "suv" tires, many are in White Letter configuration. To me, a P235/75-15 is too tall. The P235/70R-15 is too wide for a 6" rim, to me. 60-series? NO WAY! Some guys tried that in prior times and it didn't work out too well as the 6" wheel was just too narrow for the tread width and section width of the tire.

The OTHER thing is steering linkage clearance, possibly. Not to foget about wheel housing clearance, front and rear.

As I recall, there were some chrome Buick wheels into the middle 1980s, usually on Electras? But they were the 15x6 size as when those cars were planned, a "wide tire" was just not part of the package, back then, as tires were usually narrower and taller for better fuel economy orientations.

I suspect that if you might want the 15x7 in a Buick "big car" pattern, the repro wheels are the best way to go. That would open-up the tire size possibilities somewhat, too. To me, the key "hard points" would be the rear wheel sheet metal clearance, inside and outside, and possibly front stering linkage (tie rod end) clearance.

Just some thoghts,


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I have found the Buick Formula Five wheels (the ones that have the 5" bolt patter, not the two piece Rally wheels that came with the 4-3/4" bolt pattern) in 7" widths before. But only one at a time and usually not worth dragging home. They are out there!

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