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Guest Dan Gibbs

Hey Robert :)

Yup, I know what you mean. It has been a few years since I last looked at the forum and I needed info regarding my 89's CRT. Last week, I clicked the search for just the Reatta forum (not the search in the upper area for AACA) and typed in CRT. It came back "Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms.". Well that was made more interesting considering an hour before I had created a thread with CRT mentioned a few times in it. I just figured that I was not using the search right. Then I tried the AACA search near the top right and typed "Reatta CRT" and it just ignored the "CRT" and gave me the Reatta forum homepage with the latest posts.

I also tried the search for "MAF" and "Reatta MAF" and got nowhere either.

An option that worked better was to search on Google and then look for the results from the Reatta Forum.


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Guest Mc_Reatta

The search function ignores words of three letters or less.

Don't know if a moderator can adjust for this in the software or not.

Adding a plus sign in front of the word or putting it in quotes doesn't help.

It will search out 4 letter words though!

We have so many three letter acronyms this is a real problem.

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Guest Dan Gibbs

Hey all :)

I just remembered to how to search the AACA forums effectively from outside of our forum using Google, but still limiting the results to only the AACA Reatta forum. (For other websites, go to step 5)

1) In the Google search box, type what you are looking for first. In my example here I'm searching for IPC, so I type:

IPC reatta forum

The very first result that comes up has a web address of:

<cite class="bc" style="color: rgb(0, 128, 42); font-style: normal; font-family: arial, sans-serif; white-space: nowrap; font-size: 14px !important;">forums.aaca.org › BUICK CLUBSBuick Reatta</cite>

2) and at the bottom of that search result, the following link appears that I then click to only search the AACA Reatta forum:

More results from forums.aaca.org

3) Once I click that, I get an exclusive search for only the topic related to IPC. In the search box, it now has:

ipc reatta forum site:forums.aaca.org

4) In the string of terms above, you can now see that you can type whatever term you're searching for in front of "reatta forum site:forums.aaca.org" and it will find it.

This is the way to get around the four letter minimum requirement on the internal AACA search.

5) Also note that if you try step one and look at the second, third and fourth results in the initial Google search, that the results come from Ronnie's site ReattaOwner.com. Now initially, there isn't a "More Results from" link at the bottom of each search result, but if you substitute reattaowner.com in place of forums.aaca.org, you will narrow the Google search results to only Ronnie's site. Here's the new example:

ipc reatta site:reattaowner.com

6) Once you are on the Google results page with the website-specific results, you can bookmark that Google-results page and return any time in the future to search for any other term(s) within that specific website


In conclusion, this is a handy way to find stuff on a website that you're sure has the info, but it is a very large site and you keep getting denied by whatever the limitation is in the local website search. Nothing was more frustrating than having created a topic containing "CRT" or "ECM" or "BCM" and then searching for results only to get "no results found".


Dan Gibbs

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