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Estate Sale of Assorted Early Used Old Vintage parts 1920-1950

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Estate Sale in Upstate NewYork Sept 6th and 7th Antique Auto Parts <o:p></o>

On the 6th and 7thof September 2013 there will be a Estate Sale in Upstate NY around the West ofAlbany, NY area, For Sale will be alot of Many Model T Ford Parts of assorted years, such as steering columns, wishbones, I believe 4 model T Frames, bearings,Axles, parking light parts, Intake and Exhaust manifolds, also otherassorted parts like wire wheels, wood spoke wheels, Windshields, Delco Remystarters, Fuel Pumps, some Mopar and GM parts and others, Also rear ends, gas tanks, assorted headlights, leaf springs, assorted Carburetors. Also Literature.

Too much to list Just look at the pictures most of those items pictured will be there for sale. <o:p></o>

If you Purchase items or lots you are responsible for paying and taking the parts at that time, All Sales Cash Only, there will be no holding for future pickup.There may be some items with old prices, we will not honor if they are Unreasonable.

Please No Trailers, Parking will be tight and at your own risk.

Pictures are examples of items that will be available, No guarantees as space and available set up time will dictate items being offered at sale.

Please do not respond with questions, The Family Estate Sale address is: 5015 State Rte. 30 Schoharie, NY 12157 Time will be 8AM-5PM Friday the 6th Saturday 7th Only (Please do Not arrive before 8AM) No Trailers)Parking is Limited)














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That might not be the best time to have this sale. There is a huge car show in Lake George put on by an Albany car club that weekend. It may really limit the number of car guys attending the sale as many potential customers will be in Lake George that weekend including most of that car club. I think the show draws around 100,000 people and around 2500-3000 cars. Just my 2 cents of course.

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I think what auburnseeker is trying to tell you is that if the car owners are at a car show, there won't be as many people at your sale..... so, since the car show has been planned, they aren't going to change their date, so it would be best if you change yours and you will get more people at the sale and make more money.

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I'm 1 hour North of the sale. I buy and sell parts for a living, but since I have preregistered for this show as everyone else entered has. Entrace is limited to 1500 cars and fills up in less than a Month in February so preregistration is essential. I as I'm sure others registered would have been a potential customer on a different weekend. Good luck with your sale. I'm sure you will get some turn out.

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Somebody will show up and get some great deals (probably the auctioneers friends). I went to an Auto Parts Auction that was held on the same day as a big swap meet. Just the curious showed up. Whole wagons full of parts sold for $1. I just feel bad for the owner who will take it in the shorts. Limited parking probably won't be a problem. Wish I lived in the area.

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Hello, That Sounds great! Hope to See you there, as for Mopar Parts I know we have some wood spoke wheels and maybe wire wheels also possibly some carbs and maybe rear ends and brake drums, just come and look many parts to dig through We also Have quite a good amount of sales brochures, shop manuals, literature from all years I believe even up to 60's and early 70's I will add a few more photos of parts, maybe you can see something you could find when you come. Thanks see you there.

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