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(1999 Book) The Legendary Model A Ford

Guest ModelA_Ford

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Guest ModelA_Ford

Want to catch up on some old fashion model A Fords? Im not much of a car guy myself so that is why im attempting to sell this book to someone who would put it to use and learn more about their interests. On Amazon this book sells new for $140 when in my case, this book has been read an estimated 2 times maximum in very good condition. Email me at celtics349520@gmail.com if you are interested. I will send you a picture of the books condition and its isbn to prove I do in fact have it. So please if you would like to be enlightened with these cool facts about these cars please buy this book and put it to use.

I'm looking to sell this for $90 but the price is definitely negotiable. Email me please i'm trying to get this off my hands for some back to school last minute shopping.

This book is at such a high price because it is no longer being published.

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