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1962 Corvair 700 4-Sale


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1962 Chevy Corvair 700<BR>-4-door<BR>-exterior: white<BR>-interior: red<BR>-transmission: Powerglide automatic<BR>-engine: 6 cyl, air cooled (~85hp), 2 single barrel carbs<BR>-generator (not alternator)<BR>-milage: unknown<BR>-original radio (still working)<BR>-body panels seem to be original<BR>-frame in excellant shape<BR>-purchased in AZ in 11/97, shipped to southern NH in 8/2000 (stored thru the winter)<P>Reliable, runs extremely well, starts every time. Does burn oil though.<P>Lots of new parts in past 3.5 years:<BR>*mid & rear wire harness sections<BR>*4 shocks<BR>*4 tires<BR>*master cylinder<BR>*4 wheel cylinders<BR>*4 rubber brake lines<BR>*4 brake drums (used) & shoes (new)<BR>*both carbs rebuilt<BR>*air ducting<BR>*2 fuel lines<BR>*fuel pump<BR>*starter & solenoid<BR>*speedometer<BR>*steering parts<BR>*heater motor<BR>*valve cover gaskets<BR>*oil pan gasket<BR>*front right & rear left floor pans<BR>*basic tune-up parts<BR>*fan belt<BR>*battery<BR>*exhaust piping & muffler<P>photos at: <A HREF="http://members.aol.com/gohighr/corvair-a.jpg" TARGET=_blank>http://members.aol.com/gohighr/corvair-a.jpg</A> <P>Car is located in Merrimack, NH & driven regularilly. Longest trip I've taken in it: 250 miles each way (NH to NYC, NY). <P>PRICE: $3000 or B.R.O.<BR>CONTACT:<BR>Brenda Godfrey<BR>Merrimack, NH<BR>Reatta2go@aol.com<BR>603-564-9274 (pager w/v-mail)

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