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1937 Special 40 brake help. I searched.

Guest Sympletruth316

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Guest Sympletruth316

This is my first restore/build. I dismantled the brake system and I am in the process of searching for a replacement master cylinder with 2 ports. First question is if I am keeping the drums all around then will I need a proportioning valve? 2nd is does anyone know a place that carries a 2 port for drum/drum? Im having trouble finding some. And last something that would change everything up. Has anyone done a 4 wheel disc conversion on these and know what would fit? If I go that way then Im just going to do a brake booster set up and call it a day.

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I have not done a disk brake conversion, but I have taken advantage of my Cord's 100% disassembly status to change it to a dual brake system for safety reasons. I didn't really know what I needed, so I emailed back and forth with the technical advice people at Jegs.com. They set me up with the master cylinder and proportioning valve needed for the job. They also have the adapter fittings required to use 1/4" brake line in lieu of 3/16. Cost was about $225 (shipping is free from Jegs) all told, plus I had to make some adapting brackets.

For brake line I used NiCopp line, aka "cunifer" rather than steel. It forms easily and is DOT-ok.

The Jegs guy strongly advised using a proportioning valve, so I did. The Cord's not running yet, but all looks good brake-wise.


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Guest jg_105

I upgraded the brake system on my '37 Special a while back. I haven't had the car on the road yet but all seems to be working correctly.

1937 Buick Special Page 7

Just picked up a 37 special


Saw your post.   can you get me more details on the brake master and wheel cylds?

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