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Removing Interior Window Cranks, etc

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I need to get behind the interior door panel so I can figure out why my windeow cranks so hard, door catch isn't working and door lock button won't move. Anyway...lots of issues. However, except for the two little Phillips screws at the bottom of the panel, I can't see how the push button (it's a '41 Continental btw) , window cranks come off as it appears these must be removed to get the panel off to see the mechanisms behind.

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To remove the window cranks, press in on the door panel behind the crank and you will find a spring loaded bezel. Press that in and you will find a small pin holding the window cranks in place on the shaft. Using a small pin punch and while holding the spring loaded bezel in, tap that pin out and the crank will come right off.

You will need to remove the chrome/macoid coated bezel around the interior push button,,,press in on that bezel and twist, it should come off once you twist to release it.

Once you get the screws out,,,the door clips released, lift up on the door panel to remove.

The outside door button is removed by loosening the set screw found on the back edge of the door oposite the push buttom. Look for a 1/4 inch hole on the back door edge and using a bright light you will see the set screw. If it is a slotted set screw like mine were, use a lot of penetrating oil and tap the screwdriver handle gently with a small hammer while you turn it and hope it comes out.

I broke half of the head off of one of my set screws and reverted to lots of not nice words hoping that would convince it to come out on its own, that didnt work.

The door lock, opener etc are easily accessed now and the repairs needed, probably more of a cleaning and lubrication issue than anything else, can be made.


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