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1960 Buick LeSabre 4-door Hardtop

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Hi all! A friend of mine (and previous owner of this car) suggested I join up and post here for selling my car. It's time for me to part with my 1960 Buick LeSabre. It's a 4-door hardtop with a bit under 78,000 miles. I'm asking $4000 and the car is in Columbus, Ohio.

It looks pretty good on the exterior. The interior carpet and seats need to be redone. The heater core is leaking, so it's been bypassed. The windshield wiper motor isn't working, and one of the wipers needs to be re-attached and restored (if the wiper part I have is correct). The car starts up and runs well.

If anyone is interested, and would like more info and more pictures, please email me at daikins@columbus.rr.com




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Thanks, guys! And thanks, MrEarl for posting it on the BCA forum! This is all very new to me, as this is my first and only classic car...and I'm new to selling one. I've learned more about the car over the past month than I have over the past 15 years! Yikes!

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