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New sheet metal floor options?

Dwight Romberger

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Hi all,

As you can see, the three sheet metal pieces that make up the floor sag a wee bit.

I straightened one out, but as I expected I can now join an oil can band. The metal is just stretched too far. I assume shrinking it would be cost prohibitive.

The 3 pieces are roughly 18", 24" and 30" x 48"

I think my options are:

Plywood. (inexpensive $100)

Sheet metal reproductions (I would have to have someone local fabricate them. I am quessing $150 each or $450)

Heavier sheet metal or diamond plate ( I could cut out the pieces. $200)

Anyone have suggestions?



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How about buy 16 ga. cold rolled steel $70 + shipping

Cut it out (I have an electric shears) and buy a used bead roller $80?

Cut it out and have a local sheet metal fabricator roll the beads?

They accepted my $80 bid on ebay. I guess the used bead roller is the way to go!

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While reading about how to not end up with a bent panel after you bead roll, I saw a youtube video on heat shrinking.

You heat the metal up with a torch, cool it quickly with a rag. Repeat until the oil canning stops.

I tried it on the fisrt panel and it worked! It is flat now (from bending it the other way) and no oil canning because I shrank the steel.

If it works on the other two panels, I won't have to make replacements.


The picture makes it looks like it is still bent, but it is not.

(In Australia it looks like it is bent the other way)

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Guest Barneys_Bud

If it was me I would cut out the weak portion of the floor. Then I would take a panel stepper and run around the opening. Then I would cut a piece of 18 gage sheet metal and drop it in the hole. If you want some more strength you could take a bead roller to it and put a few ribs in it. Plug weld it every two inches or so and seal it on both sides with some heavy Rustolieum pains (brushed on).

That's my story and I am sticking to it!

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