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1917-? Dort parts

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I have some Dort parts I think are from a 1917. I have block, head, pistons, crank, cam shaft, starter, fan, generator,<BR>pedals, clutch (good cone type), flywheel, transmission case, drive shaft with pinion gear,<BR>oil pump, timing gears, spare tire mount, steering box, (works free)<BR> left and right halves of rear end housing, rear hubs (wheels shot), and brake parts.<BR>rear springs and most mounts, motor mounts and a few other parts. Have <BR>Been stored outside, they need restored. <BR>Engine is now disassembled, gears missing out of transmission. I used the gears from the transmission in my Elgin.<BR>They are not doing me any good. If you need them make me and offer for all or part.<BR>I can shoot photos of specific parts if you interested. <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A> Engine and stuff had been disassembled since picture.<BR>Jay Wolf Jwolf@indian.vinu.edu (812)888 4172<BR> nulla>smile.gif" border="0

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