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roof installation questions

Guest sawyer

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Guest sawyer

I am building a "one of a kind" 34 buick woodie and need advice on the roof installation. Is there somewhere to buy roof material wider than 54 inches? I need about 60 inches. Also what options do we have on fastening the edges down and where to buy it?

I have installed soft roofs on two 1930`s cars that I built in the past, but a woodie is a bit different.

Thanks in advance


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I was able to purchase material from macs? or perhaps it was lebarron Bonney.. you'll need to call them and speak to someone about exactly what you need.

additionally.. you'll need a hot day, and a helper who doesn't realize how ridiculous this process is.. (my 14 year old neighbor danny was the best)

The material used on George's old Plymouth was a bit more difficult to work with.. and somewhat "thicker" than the material I used on the oldsmobile.



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Dear Ken,

Lebaron Bonney has both a long grain and short grain top material for station wagons in the width you are looking for.

I have rain gutters for Ford station wagons that will work on your project. If it helps I can send you a sample.

Good luck,

Mike Byrne

708 308 4009

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Talk to Wendy at Lebaron, she's the best. A lot of guys use what's called "hidem welt" for the edges but you will get a much nicer and factory look by using the rain gutters that Mike sells.

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