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WTB Hudson truck parts

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Want to buy for 1946 Hudson Big Boy pickup:

  • Correct truck front bumper and guards
  • Left and Right splash aprons in very good to excellent or NOS condition
  • Horizontal stainless between the bumper and the grill: The first row up from the bumper has two long stainless pieces that curve around on the ends (actually the same piece left or right) and a v-shaped center piece
  • Second row up has two long stainless pieces specific to left and right plus a v-shaped center piece
  • Verticle chrome piece that mounts in the open area of the grill
  • Hood center medallion chrome bezel unique to 1946
  • Hood side medallions same as 1946/7 Hudson Super model

There's more I need, but this will get us started. If you have anything else of interest for 1946/7 Hudson Super, Commodore or pickup, please feel free to share. Stainless needs to be straight; chrome needs to be platable or better...I have bent and pitted already!.


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