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1964 Galaxy Ragtop

Guest GaWajn

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Guest GaWajn

I have a chance to buy this 1964 Ford Galaxy Ragtop ... basket case I guess would best describe it ... It is someone's attempt at a restoration, but he only got as far as dismantling ... and butchering rear quarters ... the car does not come with the engine or tranny ... at a price of $800.

Normally ... I would pass on this type of car ... in this type of condition ... but at that price ... I figure I can't lose ...









I am probably going to buy it. The owner had the engine rebuilt along with the transmission at a hefty cost ... he has not given me a price on those two pieces yet. I told him if he wants to get ''RID'' of them .. I might consider taking them off his hands, but I told him I am not interested in a break even for him price.

There are many patch panels that come with it ... the chrome is supposedly good ... 3 dashes ... two sets of trim ... etc ... a real pile ...

Worst case ... I could always part it out ... but my first idea would be a mild custom. No way could I afford a true restoration on this ... way too costly, for the car's present condition.

... all in all ... I am kinda finding it ... appealing .. in an odd sort of way ...

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whew...interesting car, but needs a bunch....I wish we could save them all, but just remember that the purchase price is just a "down payment", and then the dollars start flowing...

I'm reminded of a post I saw not long ago, all any unrestored car needs is TLC....Time, Labor, Cash.....

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