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Mr Riviera

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OK Riviera people: I checked this out several days ago. I routinely do a search for 1963 (4&5) Buick riviera salvage. There is always something that pokes through that's not on the traditional radar.

What I did notice? Copart's oppressive price structure. If the car brings $125 there are $325 worth of fees. The auctions rouined the entire auto industry. You'd think that with more cars on the ground and a bigger population it would be somewhat profitable for dealers. The corporate auction mentality has changed the auto industry as bad as the American media has created the addiction to it's propaganda.

There are so many people scrambling and rambling for every little morsel of money hustling cars....I'm glad I'm out of the business. For Riviera People.....if you want an old Riv you have to wade through a large and toxic amount of flippers. For me, grinding is a total waste of energy. Thanks for hearing me vent. Mitch

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Wow, that was certainly a BRUTAL hit. As Jason said, if the occupant or occupants survived, it would be a miracle. Sad to look at.

I wish we knew more to the story.

As it turns out the owner of the car is a customer of mine . I just talked to him on the phone and I was so glad to hear his voice . There were three people in the car - my customer and two male friends - all made it but major injuries . My customer spent a month in the hospital - happened on the freeway - southbound on IS 15 at 3am . He was rear ended from a high speed car and pushed into another lane and another car . I think he was going around 70 when he was hit . The other driver made it as well , walked away from the scene and Highway Patrol found him . My guy was life -flighted to the Hospital - major head wounds - he doesnt remember much as to what happened . Jaws of life cut him out of the car .

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