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Anyone familiar with MG artist Dwight Allen?

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A friend found these original drawings and one print that are signed by Dwight Allen. One of the pieces sports a caption of "Abingdon on Thames" and indicates it was intended for T-shirt use. The watercolor one is a bit more cartoonish as you can see but the others have a technical feel to them, very appealing I think. These were found locally in Portland, OR but there might be the possibility of him being a UK artist given the caption and also that many of the cars are RHD, tho that may simply be a result of the marque in question. Dates range from 1992-96.

Any help appreciated!






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To follow up on this, a member of the local Club "T" MG replied to an email blast I sent out with information confirming that the artist was their club's artist-in-residence and completed many works similar to these for their website and t-shirts. Sadly, Mr. Allen has since passed and this remains part of his legacy of creativity and a shining example of the cars he enjoyed. I am planning to visit with the club at this weekend's All British Field Meet in Portland.

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