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1929-31 Chevrolet Valve Cover

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Looking for a Good Condition, Gently USED or NEW (lol) Valve Cover fora 1929-1931 Chevrolet.

Restoring my 1929 4 Door Sedan and recently cleaned up my Valve Cover only to Learn that it is covered in Pin Holes :/ Was the Early Style 1929 Cover, but will gladly entertain any variation that will fit PROPERLY !!

A Few Picts of My Valve Cover Stripped:

Valve Cover Exterior Photo

Valve Cover Interior Photo

Valve Cover Bottom Pin Hole Photo

Valve Cover Top Pin Hole Photo

Or HOW can I fix this. I was thinking that I could use an Epoxy of sorts and BUILD the material back up on the top surface. Basically a nice thin coat, enought to build of the thickenss and fill in the pin holes. But What Epoxy to withstand the Oil !!

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Hello Bears Fan, As you know by now the 29 valve cover was unique. Both of my valve covers were not in the best shape. One had been goobered with JB Weld or something to seal it. I spent quite a bit of money to get it welded up with parts of a valve cover off of a 235. The corners of it were closer to the shape than the 30 to 31 valve cover. The other one was very thin as well and after having the holes welded up I tried to seal it with epoxy paint inside and out. The epoxy paint should stand up to the oil if it is applied well. I did not want to try powder coating as I thought the 400 degree curing temperature might warp what progress I had made. There is a process that uses sprayed galvanizing that may work on what you have. The other option is to do like you were saying and build up epoxy. You might have to be real careful that you don't flex it in the future if you epoxy coat it. Keep us posted.

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