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Headlights flashing, 55 T-Bird

Guest SLH

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I am working on a 1955 T-Bird with a 6 volt system, the headlights will start flashing after a few minutes, I am assuming the circuit breaker is cycling, any suggestions on amperage draw, wiring, additional checks that I have overlooked, corrections that may fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.

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Dave is probably right, but if you have an ammeter handy, I'd check the draw from the switch to the headlights by disconnecting the headlight wire at the sw. There's always a chance there's a high resistance ground fault on the hot side, and the new sw will do the same thing. Ammeters (dc) don't care about voltage, and you don't need to worry about + or -, your just looking for the number. Wattage of headlights divided by 6 for volts, should give the amps draw.


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