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Seafoam spray, what about the MAF sensor


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On my 89 reatta , I've already clean the throttle plate with TB cleaner, I also took out the MAF sensor so not to harm the sensor. I now want to clean out the intake with seafoam spray using the snorkel it comes with. I'm afraid if I put the snorkel inside the boot like they say, I think it will harm the MAF since it is close by and downstream. I came across a forum that shows to put seafoam through the small vacuum hose on the TB, it is downstream from the MAF but close. Do you think there is any chance of harming the MAF. Thanks

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(I'm not a big fan of Seafoam, considering its high alcohol content, but that's just me). It might be best to mechanically clean the intake tracts you're concerned with, rather than a "quick hit" spray. IF there is sufficient reason to feel the intake tracts are that gummed-up with PCV "fumes" and such? If you've already got the TB as clean as it can be internally and otherwise, that's where the main driveability issues will be rather than "down wind". I'd keep any cleaners away from the MAF, if it was me.

ALSO, make sure the vacuum hose "block" on the side of the TB is intact and not cracked/leaking. THAT can cause more issues than some residual deposits in the intake tract downsteam from the TB, by observation.

Just some thoughts,


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