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Found this interesting to me

ice man

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Yesterday my wife and I took our grandchildren to our local county fair, for the day. A local fire company was putting on a demonstration/ training session using the jaws of life and various other extraction tools on a newer Chevrolet Impala sedan. During the demo the chief explained that in popping the door latch apart, they try to keep the integrity of the door intact as much as possible because they need that strength to break the latch. He mentioned Buick specifically, as using a hardened steel rod or tube across the inner doors, to which the latch is attached, as being almost impenetrable. Buick uses it for safety, but he said it's very hard to pop their locks and remove these doors in the event of an accident, to extricate the occupants. Makes sense as a safety issue but not so much as a rescue issue. At least this is how I interpreted it. Do we have any rescue personnel on the forum that could weigh in on this issue.

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