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PS pump?

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First off, I run a Machine / Job shop. I have a 1959 MK IV my father bought in 1962. So now the power steering pump took a "dump" like a qt. as fast as I pour it in. So I robbed a pump off one of my hoarded 430s. Bad enough to remove off an engine sitting on a pallet. Suppose i'm answering my own question. But its just "oh my god" !! This has A/C,

theres a crossmember directly below the pump. Looks like fan, radiator has to be removed, no room for a puller on the

damper which has to come off, so I have to machine a shorter puller. I really cant tie up a bay and dont want to remove the hood, condenser and grille either. There is always someone with a trick anyone know one or I just gotta man up.

My 58 Mercury same engine will come off in 20 min. sam

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There is no really fun way to do it but you can try and get some more room by lifting the engine off the mounts and see if the puller will clear the cross member. Be carful when you are loosening the mounts not to break them. Good luck! Post a few pics!... FYI make sure you flush the system the the car off and change the filter in the reservoir and fill it with NEW fluid (type F ATF if I remember correctly) BEFORE you start it or you will be doing it all again with another pump. When the pumps go a ton of crap gets in the system. Does it have Vacuum or Hydraulic wipers? You might want to replace the high pressure line while you are down there getting crap in your eyes and save yourself some trouble. Jack Rosen and Herb both carry them.

If you need the procedure for flushing I can post it.

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Yes thanks for the encouragement but after I wrote that, I did it 8hrs worth. There is or was no crap in there. Put new hoses Napa. And I started it up without the balancer and its perfect even though a used pump, but in time i'll get a seal kit. The pump came off a 1960 eng. its a

Vickers (vane type) and to tell; the pressure hose is bottom & the return is above that both perpendicular to the crank. Next you will have to

make up a 90* air chuck for the impact (no room between the harmonic bolt and A/C condenser, next PUT A CARBOARD AGAINST THE condenser, cause the impact is going to wind right into it. A standard 3 bolt puller is fine, you have to screw the big bolt way in to clear.

Next big problem to get the woodrift key out, after 3hrs of tapping and disfiguring it it came out. That key must have been locktighted. Awful.

After all that its easy. My trannsmission freind says Dextron wont hurt anything, some even use hydralic fluid. Suppose to be type A which is

no more so you have to use "F".. Mercurys different story all can be done from the bottom. And jacking the engine wont help at all cause of

a massive crossmember 1958 thru 1960 totally in the way. It has to be done this way. Then its spraying all the semi gloss black on all the tin

work 'now is the time'. Another note not to tottally remove the grille just unbolt it to move forward a little to get your hands in there for the

condenser bolts. The harmonic balancer now painted make sure to mark the timing mark with paint, you will never see the little lines when done (I think these are 6*) i'll check. This was only 2yrs old when we bought it and always inside no rust so all bolts came right off. Engine never ever been touched or tranny. Never seen anything of this mass of weight that stuffs you in the seat when you punch it. Talk about quiet its amazing. Thanks for your interest Samuel Pine & Sons Machine & Fab. Works

Oh- vac. wipers; hydralic came along in 1961 had a 1961 too


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