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Need help with SCO paint code 1022 on an Electra. Anybody own a Buckskin 68 Riviera?


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Ran into a guy last night with a 68 Electra with an SCO paint code of 1022. Not sure if it had a painted or vinyl top at one time as the top was in primer. The car appeared to be Buckskin in color though, which was a Riv only paint color, but would explain why it was an SCO car.

Curious what paint code appears on the cowl tag of a Buckskin Riviera???

here is the Electra's cowl tag.

Any help in figuring out this paint code is appreciated!


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Hey Chris, I have a '68 Riv in Buckskin. I don't have a picture of the body tag handy, but I know the paint code is "X2". The "X" is the body color (Buckskin), and the "2" is the vinyl top color (black). Riviera paint colors are identified by letters, so it looks like it does not translate to the Electra body tag you're looking at. The interior codes seem to use similar nomenclature though, as my interior code is 683, which is a custom Strato-bench vinyl interior - Buckskin.

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